lørdag 28. august 2010

Johns new blog

Hello people, this blog is going to be about John, my alter ego and his interests, wich cover a great deal of things and stuff in this round blue speck in the universe we live in.

Let me start off to tell you a little bit of John.

John is not a real person. But i like to think he is.
I "met" John a few months back when i was lying on my couch and was bored out of my mind.
John slowly approached me in my head and started to talk to me about things that blew my mind, science, religion, politics, gaming, food etc etc.

We ended up sitting talking for several hours about all kinds of topics, wich i really enjoyed.
It`s not such a big surprise that we enjoy the same things you might say, but that is far from it.
John is a completley different person than me, or well in a sense he is. He is a person that can make you feel smart and stupid in one swift sentence. He is a person who can make you laugh and cry in the next.
You catch my drift. John once said to me that even if all the people in the world could understand and tolerate each other we`d still be a fucked up species. I like to think he is right.

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