lørdag 28. august 2010

Blah blah blah enviroment

John hates the enviromental debate now, its all "the world is going to hell" "all the species of our planets are going exticnt". And all of our celebrities are going on television saying we must save our planet now, but how? By donating tons of money to greenpeace or any other cheritable organization?

Fuck it.

What John belives is that this is a part of a cycle our world is going through, and have gone through millions of years now (no apologies to you who belive the world is 6000 years old, John will come back to you guys later).

Sure, John belive Man has something to do with it, but not causing it all. John thinks we just sped up this cycle, but saying we caused all this is just plain ignorance and stupidity. If you look at the data collected from the last hundred years, nothing says were gonna flod earth in some measly life times. And fuck all the tree huggers that belive all the trees in the world should be spared, and belive trees are communicating with them? Trees are plants! not animals or human beeings. Its like they would rather have all the trees in the world rather than lexicons, medical books and so on. So we`re to learn all by memory and pass it on? yeah sure, that`ll end well.

Its true were losing a lot of forest, but its not because our need of paper or wood, its because alot of poor people are trying to grow food and earn alot of money out of this, to provide for their families. Fact is, in north america there is almost as much forest now as there were a 100 years ago. And the reason is because we use so much wood to build houses, people are guilted to think that every time you go and buy lumber you are destroying the earth, but that is far from the truth, when you order lumber you are ordering more trees to be planted. This is something we have to do in order to house our population and keep the forest from not vanishing

And the exticion debate, John dont think at all well loose 50 000 spieces a year as WWF and Greenpeace proclaims. And they blame it on logging, as everything else.
Best science say approx 1% of our world species will go extinct in the next 100 years!

There is no need to spread fear around the enviroment anymore, its out there already,
Of course there are problems with the enviroment, and its a natural thing to want to save the earth, its a special feeling. But if we dont stop to think and do some research, we will waste our time.

It`s easy to feel like a hero, but to be one?

Worst trend ever!

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